About Us

The secret to providing a successful product is to listen, find out what people need, and give it to them.

Too often brands create products first, and then try to create a perception of necessity for consumers. Our products are the result of YOUR needs. You spoke first, and we responded.It is our years of experience, our investment in extensive research, and our desire to prioritise efficacy and only the highest quality standards as the cornerstone of our offerings that separates us from the rest. Creating and providing a high quality product comes before any branding.

Only once we are confident that we have a product that effectively answers your needs do we look to brand and package it. And, when we do, we ensure our messaging is clear and concise and our packaging is instantly recognisable on shelf, saving you time at point of purchase, and helping you make
truly informed decisions.

We are a responsible and ethical company focused on enhancing and improving quality of life. Our products work, and we invite you to try them.

Vikeleka Herbal products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients in a Medicines Control Council (MCC) approved facility in South Africa.


“Our mission is to create lifestyle supplements that enhance and improve the quality of people’s lives”